What are the scholarship requirements? - Each scholarship will have a description of its specific requirements and award criteria. Applicants may apply for any award that they are eligible for and meet the criteria for.

Who is Eligible - Any graduating senior who goes to Cambridge-Isanti High School is eligible to participate in the Cambridge-Isanti Dollars for Scholars® program. Awards are for students at a college/university or a program of vocational training. Award criteria are based on a combination of need, academic record and the demonstrated ability to succeed and complete their chosen post-high school education.

How to Apply - Students must complete a single common application form online by the appropriate deadline and meet all subsequent deadlines. In doing so, students become eligible for the many local awards offered by Cambridge-Isanti Dollars for Scholars as well as awards offered by Scholarship America® nationally.

How are award recipients selected? - Cambridge-Isanti Dollars for Scholars offers two kinds of awards. The first are named awards given by a local business, organization or individual. Those awards generally have their own recipient guidelines. The second group of awards are scholarships that Cambridge-Isanti Dollars for Scholars administers directly. In both cases, the Awards Committee reviews anonymous information about each applicant and scores applications according to a standard set of guidelines. Awards recipients are then selected and invited to an awards ceremony in the spring before graduation.